This site archives Twine games created by students for the summer course, ENG279 Video Games, University of Toronto Mississauga, 2017. All the games here are the first foray into designing a game!

This was the first full video games course I’ve taught at UTM & the first large video games class (51 students!) & we had a BLAST. The games here are amazing, incredibly wide-ranging in genre, style, tone & game mechanics. Poetic, clever, funny, poignant & nail-biting. Hope you enjoy these as much as I did.

Professor Siobhan O’Flynn – sioflynn@gmail.com

Twitter for this class:  @twinegames2017u   – aka TwineGames2017UTM

Our Twine Games are hosted on philome.la – a free Twine game hosting platform – THANK YOU! philome.la !

Note: images are added in Twine by embedding a URL. The ‘ask’ was to use images and audio in the public domain. None of the games are commercial and our aim is to abide by ‘fair dealing‘ in Canada. The games created for this class were ‘research in practice’ as students were tasked with applying the critical insights and different approaches to game design learned throughout the course to the design of a game.

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